Woodcarving is both a craft and fine art. I personally find something spiritual about working in wood. The right piece will lead me down an enjoyable path even if it wasn't the one I originally imagined. For me, it's always about the journey. The destination is often a surprise.  While serious pieces captivate me now and then, I most enjoy sculpting whimsical characters and traditional folk carving.  

Like most experienced woodcarvers one of my joys is teaching.  Showing a new approach, the use of different tools or a new style to other carvers is part of the fun. However, introducing the craft to newcomers is satisfying on two fronts. First, I enjoy the surprise one experiences in accomplishing something for the first time, and secondly, I feel passionate about helping extend this art to a new generation.

I have always explored my world through visual art and creative writing. The role creativity plays in the connection between spirit and psyche (heart and mind) is at the core of all my work. Therefore my career paths, studies and interests have been as much a part of my creativity as my artwork.

Navigating the relationship among creativity, spirituality and self-realization for many years led to spontaneous encounters with the informative nature of creative energy, and my own multi-dimensional awareness. These aspects are central to both my work and my life. 

Whether I'm painting, sculpting, or creating a piece of textile art, a strong skill set allows me to plan very loosely, if at all. In this way the work itself inspires and guides me as it unfolds and I am often intrigued by the unexpected results. I love sharing this spontaneous approach to creativity and watching the insight and freedom it invites.  I do this sharing through small gatherings, private and semi-private mentorship as well as larger retreats.

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