Art & Active Meditation

Many are familiar with the phrase "be still and know", but did you know stillness and non-movement are not the same thing?  Stillness is actually a seat within the soul; a quite state of awakened awareness that is highly informative and personally transformational. Accessing this state through contemplative meditation, I teach an ink painting process which results in striking black and white imagery.

Contemplation Ink Painting Workshops

I facilitate two different workshops and ongoing classes in the art of active contemplation through creativity.  The first one is a figurative workshop which utilizes draped cloth, stacked stones and Japanese bowls.  The second is an abstract imagery class which focuses on creative expression of thoughts and feelings apart from representational imagery.  For both of these workshops I use the very simple materials of black ink and white paper.  The focus of the class is active stillness and the art of alert presence.  While beautiful artwork often results, the process that is taught through these simple materials is designed to facilitate contemplative meditation.  Through this workshop, students proficient in other mediums learn to bring this active meditation process to their own work and life.  However, many without creative pursuits take this class for the focused aspect it brings to their life.  

No "artistic" ability is necessary.  Students are asked to simply tune into the process.  Materials needed for each of the two workshops differ slightly.  

The Figurative workshop materials list:

India Ink
Watercolor paper tablet 12"x12"(cold press)
Soft watercolor brushes in various shapes/sizes
Viva paper towels 
Acrylic polymer medium liquid
container for water

The Abstract Imagery workshop material list:

India ink
Flat and round soft brushes in a variety of sizes
Small spray bottle
Tablet of Yupo paper 11x14
Roll of Viva paper towels

Hosting workshops:
The workshop fee is $100.00 per student.  This applies to both one day intensives as well as two-day workshops.  These are taught in my Texas studio.  For information please contact me via e-mail at  


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Meditation Ink Painting