Wild hare studios and rabbit hole arts

​Schulenburg, Texas

What Is Mendship-

A basket of fabric scraps, threads and needles, like the teapot, is always full.  Sincerity and creativity is all one needed to bring. The experience of a needle pulling thread is the easy part, even if for the first time.  Stepping fully into relationship with ourselves and others, as we explore uncommon and often unpopular topics, well... the like-minded part of this creative sisterhood makes that a lot easier for those of us called to such an idea. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to start your own 'mendship' circle.  If you are near my rural Texas studio in Schulenburg, I welcome the opportunity to meet you.  Email me at and lets get to know one another.

Mendship is not a crafty social movement designed for light-hearted fun. We've got tons of those and they are fun indeed! Mendship is different in that it is a deeply intimate opportunity for a handful of women dedicated to authentic living. Exploring the larger questions of life is easier within a like-minded sisterhood. Mendship revolves around a small group of women that combines the art of intentional sewing with the idea of intimate friendship, orming a creative and introspective circle of sisterhood. Creatively it borrows inspiration from the Japanese boro style and the wabi-sabi idea of beauty in imperfection. Personally it cultivates friendships based on intimate sharing rather than small talk or social 'appropriateness'. Mendship invites an atmosphere where women simultaneously stitch personal intimacy into expressive cloth as they delve into the larger questions of life. 


    where creative introspection meets creative cloth

Why I started Mendship.

So drawn to the idea of personal transformation, thirty years ago I entered the counseling profession. Creative introspection was the ground into which I planted the seeds I found there. Twenty years ago I formed a sacred sisterhood as a small group of women gathered in creative intimacy retreats each month for four years. To this day these are my soul-sisters. The idea for Mendship has it's roots in this foundation. 

As I create my new live/work studio space in the small-town we've chosen to settle into and call home, I wanted to cultivate those kind of relationships here, with like minded women. What better way, I thought, than forming a small sewing circle dedicated to creatively and verbally expressing our authentic selves. As we explore creative cloth and weave intimate conversations about the meaning of life and our roles in it, sacred space is formed, our work takes on a new depth, and our lives are richer for it. That is why I have chosen to form this group and host Mendships in my studio.