I have an active contemplation process that revolves around the simplicity of black ink on white paper. Abstracts, stacked stones, bits of nature, and draped fabric are among my favorite subjects. The purpose of this work is not the rendering of the art as much as it is the process of focused contemplation.

Creative meditation as a path to inner stillness is, in my opinion, so much easier and beneficial than the more eastern system of sitting meditation. I love teaching this approach as part of a Creative Introspection process.


Wild hare studios and rabbit hole arts

​Schulenburg, Texas

Mixed Media

Painting was my first love.  From oils, to watercolor, ink and acrylic I have explored every type of paint media.  Today I  primarily use water based media because I love the immediacy of it and the layering it allows.  My newest work (depicted left) mixes ink, watercolor, acrylic and pencil. A website featuring original art, and art cards of this work is available by clicking the Gallerie Interiorem button below.

Ink Paintings