My Ink and thread painting classes were inspired by the two art-quilts (right). After being featured in Quilting Arts magazine the mermaid quilt got a lot of attention in galleries and shows and requests came in for classes using these techniques. The two images to the left are class patterns which students can choose from as I teach them the method I use to transform cloth with ink and thread.

Student class work is featured in these 3 images.

Intermediate level class

Design and execute original art-quilts!

Advanced class- Using the art-quilt below as inspiration, this class focuses on designing and rendering advanced figurative imagery using the techniques from the previous classes while incorporating a discharge technique for altering cloth in a way that offers a luminescent quality to the finished piece.

These classes have been designed to give participants a foundation in creating ongoing original artwork rather than simply executing a class project based on my patterns.

These two, two-day classes primarily focus on designing and composing original artwork in the style depicted to the left.  In class one, participants first create a fused appliqué piece from one of the 'Places' patterns in my People and Places collection. This familiarizes them with the execution process as a whole before diving into design. Then participants learn to reinterpret, compose and draft, original patterns from personal or commercial photographs that hold special meaning.  

In class two, based on the fused appliqué technique taught in class one and the original pattern they have created, participants are assisted in fabric selection and the execution of their artwork.  

Beginning class- A monochromatic approach, the stunning art-quilt (above left) is made with the use of only two fabrics. An introduction to collage, and a shading technique for rendering depth, light and shadow are taught as students explore composition and design based on the pattern provided for this piece.

Intermediate class- Following the first class, an intermediate class is offered which incorporates the skills from the first class while introducing color and multiple fabrics, as students learn to draft an original design composition. This class is based on the art-quilt depicted above right.

Beginning level class 

Collaged imagery, hand-painted cloth, surface design and eco-printing are among the in-studio classes I offer. Most are two-day classes and my fee is $65.00 per student/class. I am also available to teach for shops, art centers and guilds. Below is a little about the textile classes I currently offer and the way I teach.

Experimentation, connecting with one's creative guidance as well as teaching participants to listen to the aspect of 'self' that wants creative attention is fundamental to the way I teach. Nurturing the creative energy within is foundational to the way I teach.  This is especially true in my ongoing studio classes where students design and produce original artwork under my guidance based on a variety of techniques.

For the joy of sharing what I have learned in the way of surface design, I have put together a few workshops for creating unique cloth to work with. These classes are experimental in nature and involve various altered-cloth techniques for incorporating into ones work.  Some of these include:

Eco-printing, rust-printing, hand-dying and discharge printing 

These techniques expand self-expression beyond stitching commercial cloth, so I will teach these at various times throughout the year for anyone wanting to learn. Contact me if you want to attend these open-studio workshops or if you would like to host one for your group or organization.

Three classes based on figurative imagery gradually ease students into the process of design, composition, technique and original imagery.



​Schulenburg, Texas

Ink and Thread Painting Classes

Collage Imagery Art-quilt Class

Surface Design-

Eco-cloth/Rust Printing/ Discharge and Hand Dying

People and Places

Figurative applique pattern design and composition.


Art-Quilt and Surface Design Classes