Wild hare studios and rabbit hole arts

​Schulenburg, Texas

Wild Hares and Old Crows

Art-quilt 3.5ft. x 5.2ft.

My Trunk Show focuses on something I call Creative Introspection; exploring creative energy to stretch the limits of self-expression and personal discovery. 

I believe originality is closely connected to authenticity.  Therefore, daring to dare myself, stretching my own boundaries and diving into the deep end of creativity is more than a hobby or pass-time for me.  It is introspective and nurturing. It is both my meditation and my offering.  

Encouraging unique, personal, creative expression is the heart and soul of what I bring to my show.

Sharing ideas for stepping into or expanding on this through a variety of mediums is foundational in my presentation.  These include textile arts, sculpture and mixed media paintings.

Storeybird sculptures (2013 series)

Mixed-media painting

Gallerie Interiorem series

 Inspiration of Originality

Trunk Show