Wild hare studios and rabbit hole arts

​Schulenburg, Texas

Creative Meditation

As people, we are creativity incarnate. Therefore, using creative energy for meditation is quite natural. It's also highly beneficial, not to mention fun! Creativity as a path to inner stillness is, in my opinion, so much easier and often more beneficial than traditional systems of sitting meditation. For this reason I developed a creative meditation process that I have practiced for decades. Teaching it to others is some of the most rewarding work I do.

This Creative Meditation practice revolves around the simplicity of black media on white paper. Ink as well as watercolors are used to render stacked stones, bits of nature, draped fabric, abstracts and simple, everyday objects. Keeping the work minimal and focused opens the informative nature of creative energy. With regular practice our intuition increases as does the expansion of our awareness. Before long we find more and more synchronicity filling our lives and ordering our experiences. We become deeply connected to ourselves in a way that nurtures and heals us on many levels.

Black and white value studies are foundational to learning how to paint any dynamic artwork. While the focus of this class is teaching the creative meditation process, any student wishing to branch out into a full spectrum watercolor painting will also develop the skills necessary to create vibrant, colorful work through this class. Students already working in oils or who prefer this media are welcomed to join the class as well.  Having begun my painting career in oils l often paint value studies or grisaille under paintings before beginning a new piece.